Menstrual belt for painful periods

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Bye-Pain Menstrual Belt
Your best ally every month!

Deux femmes souriantes présentant des appareils médicaux portables.
Deux femmes souriantes présentant des appareils médicaux portables.

Introducing our latest technology for relieving dysmenorrhea, the Bye-Pain menstrual belt.

You can choose to combine heat and vibration independently. These different combinations help relieve menstrual pain.

Introducing our latest technology for relieving dysmenorrhea, the Bye-Pain menstrual belt.

You can choose to combine heat and vibration independently. These different combinations help relieve the pain associated with menstrual periods.

👉🏻 Say goodbye to menstrual cramps in just a few minutes!

Bye-Pain™ has been designed to relieve cramps associated with women’s painful periods.

Whether you suffer from dysmenorrhea, endometriosis or other menstrual pain… The Bye-Pain™ menstrual belt will be your best ally during these difficult periods.

Simply wear it on your lower abdomen (or lower back as the case may be) then choose from 3 temperatures and 3 types of vibration to reduce pain.

ceinture menstruelle  chauffante et vibrante

Because you're all different!

Every woman has her own specific period pains, tolerances and needs when it comes to soothing painful periods.

👉🏻 This is why it offers several functions, enabling you to find the ideal combination for effective relief.

  • 3 temperature modes: 38°C, 41°C and 43°C

It’s a well-known fact that heat helps soothe menstrual pain by accelerating blood pressure. Choose which of these 3 temperature settings best soothes you.

  • 3 vibration modes: Continuous, Medium Alternating, Strong Alternating

For some women, vibration frequencies are particularly effective in relieving menstrual pain. That’s why we’ve added this massage function. You can combine it with heat or use it on its own, as you prefer.

Note: Each function is independent, so you can easily use them together or separately.

Femme utilisant un électrostimulateur abdominal.
Femme montrant un dispositif médical abdominal.

😕 Before our menstrual belt?

Here are the solutions available to you before Bye-Pain™…👇🏻

bouillotte crampes menstruelles
A hot water bottle

🚫 Time-consuming to prepare (you need to boil water)

🚫 Bulky

🚫 No freedom of movement

🚫 Water leakage

🚫 Rubber odor

stimulateur lectrique
Electric stimulator

🚫 Cold patches

🚫 Coups de jus (What woman wants to inflict this on herself during these difficult times?)

🚫 Expensive consumables (Sticky patches need to be replaced regularly)

medicaments dysménorhee

🚫 Undesirable effects

🚫 Chemical

🚫 Addiction (They may be less and less effective)

🚫 Consumable (Must be obtained regularly)

Why choose the Bye-Pain™ heating belt?

ceinture menstruelle  chauffante et vibrante

The Perfect Duo!

✅ The combination of heat and vibration activates blood circulation in the uterus, bringing relief in just a few minutes.

ceinture chauffante regles min

Design, Compact, Lightweight & Comfortable

Very light, compact and comfortable, this menstrual belt is a real cushion that will let you go about your usual business without causing you the slightest discomfort.

Very discreet, it’s easy to hide behind your clothes, so you can take it with you wherever you go during painful periods.

✅ Yes, ladies, it slips easily into your handbag 😉

soulager regles menstruelles
stopper douleurs menstruelles

Automatic 15-minute timer

✅ For those of you who just can’t stay active in those awkward moments, we’ve added an automatic 15-minute timer, so you can switch the belt off if you fall asleep.

👉🏻 Simply press a setting again to switch it back on for another 15-minute cycle…and relax again.

Adjustable size

✅ It’s adjustable in length and features an elastic waistband that adapts perfectly to your body shape and build.
ceinture menstruelle  chauffante et vibrante

Menstrual cramps but not only ...

✅ Initially designed to relieve menstrual pain, our customers have also reported excellent results for intestinal pain, lower back pain and neck pain.

👉🏻 Simply place it on the painful area and choose the modes that suit you best to soothe your aches and pains.

Features :

  • Weight: 300 gr.
  • Dimensions: 197.5 x 94 x 45mm
  • Materials: ABS plastic/stainless steel
  • Charging time: 2h
  • Battery: 1200 mAh
  • Voltage: 5V
  • Standards: CE/ROHS
ceinture chauffante regles
ceinture menstruelle  chauffante et vibrante
ceinture menstruelle chauffante

Package contents

They're talking about us...

“It’s like a hot water bottle 2.0 without the drawbacks”.

ceinture menstruelle  chauffante et vibrante

“At last, a company has developed a great product for dysmenorrhea”.

ceinture menstruelle  chauffante et vibrante

“Bye Pain’s product could change the lives of millions of women”.

Menstrual products donation illustration

1€ donated for each order

The association “règles élémentaires” fights against menstrual precariousness and the taboo of menstruation in the world.

Bye-Pain is committed to donating €1 for each order placed.

13 reviews for Menstrual belt for painful periods

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  1. Sandrine (verified owner)


  2. Marine M. (verified owner)

    Can’t wait to test

  3. Violaine L. (verified owner)

    Tb, the belt is easy to use and quite effective, not miraculous but a good option to replace the hot water bottle when you can’t take it with you.

  4. GAVOILLE Karine (verified owner)

    Good evening,
    I would like to thank you and congratulate you on your professionalism.
    I placed my order last night. I contacted you for information about the delivery time without any particular request.
    I mentioned why I was ordering and for what occasion (my daughter’s birthday today).
    And I received my order today!
    You are topissime, I will return to without any doubt 🙏👏
    I myself work in a VAD customer relations center and I am more than delighted with your service.
    Keep up the good work, you’ll have everything to gain.
    A thousand thanks, congratulations🎉🎊
    See you soon 😉👍
    Yours sincerely.

    GAVOILLE Karine

  5. Karine GAVOILLE (verified owner)

    perfect 🥰👍

  6. Sebastien (verified owner)

    I bought it for my wife who has been suffering from menstrual cramps for about ten years. The belt is very effective and really relieves her, it’s a great product. Thank you

  7. Domicile G. (verified owner)

    This is the second belt I’ve ordered for my eldest daughter, who has endometriosis, which causes her horrible pain. My youngest can’t do without it 😉

  8. Arnaud L. (verified owner)


  9. isabelle f. (verified owner)

    Ideal heat. Good autonomy. I only use the heat may spas the vibrations

  10. Anonyme (verified owner)

    The person I gave the belt to is very satisfied. The belt has helped her a lot with her pain.

  11. MANSUR (verified owner)

    The order was processed quickly. The quality/price ratio is favourable. I would recommend it. Thank you very much!

  12. sarah cardoso (verified owner)

    Really good relief for lower abdominal pain thanks to the heat and vibrations. I recommend it.

  13. Kevin Panchou (verified owner)

    I find that the belt discharges too quickly. Is this possible?

  14. Bye Pain (store manager)

    Hello Kevin, unfortunately it’s not possible to fit a large battery into our belts. We have to put comfort, weight and freedom of movement before autonomy. Contact us by email so that we can find a solution together.

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ceinture menstruelle  chauffante et vibranteMenstrual belt for painful periods
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