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Bye Pain is a story told by Mylène, a young woman who, like all of us, has suffered from dysmenorrhoea since she was a teenager. Having never discovered the ideal solution for relieving her menstrual pain, Mylène simply ended up inventing it!

Today, her strongest desire is to let you benefit from her personal experience and to share with each and every one of you this unique product, which has changed her life!

Specially designed for women looking for comfort and freedom, the Bye Pain menstrual belt soothes menstrual discomfort in just a few minutes! It comes in the form of a comfortable belt that emits heat and vibrations in three modes, to meet your different needs.

Long studied by leading professionals in the medical sector and tested by a large number of women of all ages, the Bye Pain menstrual belt has demonstrated unprecedented results combining effectiveness and modernity.

It provides a pleasant experience because it’s light, practical, easy to recharge and can be carried anywhere without taking up too much space.

Everything you need to make your painful periods a soon-to-be-forgotten memory! With this exceptional product, we offer you a tailor-made experience that makes your menstrual periods simple and pain-free.

What could be better than a product for women, designed by a woman for the well-being of everyone!

Because you’re independent, daring and unique, Bye Pain is perfect for you!

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