Bye-Pain belt: The solution to your painful periods

Bye-Pain Heated Menstrual Belt

The ideal solution for soothing menstrual pain quickly and easily, while maintaining your freedom of movement!

👉🏻  Say goodbye to period pains

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What are the benefits of the Bye-Pain™ belt?

soulage en quelques

Relieves in minutes

légère, elle permet de garder votre liberté de mouvement habituelle

Lightweight & Ergonomic

facile d’utilisation

Easy to use

chaleur & vibrations (fonctionnent indépendamment)

Heat & Vibration


Comfortable & Discreet

grande autonomie et chargement usb

Long Battery Life & USB Charging

We can't stop your periods, but we can stop your pain!

Our Bye Pain™ menstrual belt has been designed by women, for women …

It relieves painful periods of the dysmenorrhoea type as well as more specific ailments such as endometriosis or certain cramps and abdominal pain, effectively and naturally by combining gentle heat and vibrations.

Easy to use, lightweight and with a long battery life, it will be your best ally, every month, for effectively reducing pain.

Say goodbye to hot water bottles and medicines!

Deux femmes souriantes présentant des appareils médicaux portables.

Relieve your aches and pains in just a few minutes!

Femme montrant un dispositif médical abdominal.

3 Vibration Massage Modes

  • Mode 1 : Continuous vibration
  • Mode 2 : Spaced vibrations (low intensity)
  • Mode 3 : Spaced vibrations (high intensity)
Femme utilisant un électrostimulateur abdominal.

Also relieves pain:

  • Periods
  • Lumbar
  • Intestinal
  • Cervical
  • Lower abdomen
Femme souriante équipée d'un appareil d'électrostimulation.

USB charging

The Bye-Pain™ menstrual heating belt is easily recharged via any USB port.

No matter where you go, you’re bound to find a usb socket within reach!

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The menstrual belt for period pains

It took 4 years of testing to develop this version of our Bye-pain™ menstrual belt.

Place it on the lower abdomen and choose between different vibration/heat modes. (working individually from each other) and start your relaxation!

Soft, Comfortable, Breathable and Antibacterial

soulager regles menstruelles

Lightweight and portable

The Bye Pain™ menstrual belt will go everywhere with you. Its small size means you can slip it easily into a handbag.

Enough to soothe you anywhere, anytime during your painful periods.

Also relieves back pain

Some women also suffer from lower back pain during their menstrual cycle.

The Bye Pain™ period heating belt can also be worn in the lower back to effectively relieve this often painful area during this period.

It acts like a real heating and massaging cushion to soothe your aches and pains in just a few minutes.

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Key points...


Soft & Comfortable

Anti-mould and anti-bacterial foam for safe wearing

fixation rapide

quick fastening

Simple, quick and effective, it adapts to your size thanks to its elastic band.

chargement type c

Type-c connector

Innovative, ultra-fast-charging technology

indicate led

LED indicator

– blue leds for vibration power

– red leds for temperature level

You talk about it better than we do

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Innovative period pain relief endorsement by nurse Stephanie J.
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Pharmacist endorses new dysmenorrhea relief product.
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